The MUSE D is perfectly designed for the modern musician:
- Developed with successful DJ's.
Suitable for:
- home parties, open airs and of course the club or bar.

We got to know the DJ scene in Berlin very well and could observe what is missing in this niche.

We have succeeded in combining all requirements in this project to revolutionize party life.

The table surface is equipped with enough space for all kinds of equipment, with a laptop stand and the additional storage space this table offers a perfect working surface for every electronic music artist.

The lighting in the glass window is adapted to the high, low and mid frequencies of the music played to provide an additional visual effect.
No more cable clutter, because we have made slots in the inner frame of the steel frame to avoid the eternal cable chaos.

You can use it to operate a fog machine or a laser show for example to create further visual effects.

The height of the table can be adjusted so flexibly that it can be optimally adapted to the size of the artists as well as to unevenness in the floor.

The construction between the legs offers a high stability and a storage space for vinyls for the Vinylonly DJ.