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upcycling industrial design

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Who we are

We are MUSE, a young, wild team from Berlin, Germany, who make unique tables. Exclusively upcycled materials are used and special effects give each table a special entertainment and design touch.

What is it about

We build tables. With love and for more good-looking, good-feeling- good-living in your private and business premises. The custom-made products are specially designed to meet the wishes of every buyer. Whether reception tables, DJ-desks or a classic-untypical coffee table - we build the table of your dreams - of course including the special in-house visual effects of MUSE.

Where we wanna go

Into a better future, characterized by steadfastness, stability and durability. All our products are almost 100% upcycled and are characterized by their robust construction. In a direct conversation with Jules, the founder and creator of MUSE, you will approach THE table of YOUR dreams together.

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For ecological reasons we have decided to use only recyclable raw materials. In this way, we ensure without a doubt that our products are sustainable and do not harm the environment in any way. Feet, windows, glass panes, even the batteries of the LED's - everything is green.


We make tables for eternity. MUSE stands next to you for a lifetime. Solid building materials, sophisticated technical finesse and the love of creating is our DNA. Our tables are characterized by their solidity. Every piece of furniture is backed by a lifetime guarantee.